On Site Pictures & Videos of Construction Sites - Residential and Commercial

Pictures or videos can be taken before, during or after construction projects have finished. We have full safety gear as required by your company to ensure you meet regulations.

So why chose us? Well we know construction sites, we know what your clients would like to see. It is one thing to have perfect finished pictures but if you have a potential client they need to visualize the transformation. The before, after and during pictures help provide the detail. This service will help you close the deal and make the sale by ensuring the client is comfortable with using your services.

DID YOU KNOW? – We can take still pictures and make them into a video complete with comments, music, voice and special effects.

Pictures & Videos of Events while they are in progress

Having an event that you need documented. We can attend the event and take pictures or videos as you run your event. Why would you pick us to conduct the professional photography? Our charges are fair and reasonable. We specialize in interacting with the organizers and the participants. We do not sit above the crowd and we love to fit in.

DID YOU KNOW ?- We can take still pictures and make them into a video complete with comments, music, voice and special effects.

Time Lapse Photography of Construction Sites (our Specialty), convoys and special events

Our specialty is time lapse photography of construction sites. The cameras can be placed outside the site or within the site. They can be moved for various stages or projects within each site. The construction project can be a short couple of days or it can be months. Believe it or not we can do projects that are a year or two long.

We can also conduct time lapse of convoys or road trips. Imagine an entire day of travel that can be replayed in a minute or two.

If you are having a special event or a concert once again our time lapse can film the entire event and replay in a minute or two. Yes your event can be a week long or even two months long.

DID YOU KNOW? – We can add voice, music, stickers, special effects and music to the time lapse videos